The O-Connect product is a product that works for lectures and meetings in several fields, such as Zoom...

The product is considered much better than allcompanies in terms of quality and price. It is considered number 1 in the world and has several excellent characteristics that make it superior in the market. It is a much lower price, as major companies pay a lot of money, about 100 thousand dollars annually, for the Zoom hall, which contains only 20 thousand halls, and with The O-Connect product will pay a small amount for a hall that contains an infinite number of attendees and is very easy to use, especially since it supports artificial intelligence.

The price of the O-Connect product is currently $125 per month for a hall containing 10,000 auditoriums. Among the most important features of the O-Connect product are:

What can O-Connect do?


✅Number of attendees at the symposium 💥10,000!

✅Speakers for seminars 💥 100! Daily Webinar Session (Unlimited) Webinar (Maximum Duration) - (Unlimited) Speakers 💥100!

✅Daily conference session - (unlimited)

✅Conference (maximum duration) - (unlimited)

✅ Cloud storage (unlimited)

✅Number of hosts 2


✅Screen Sharing

✅Virtual background

✅Multiple topics

✅Background music








✅Raise hand

✅Block/unblock user

✅session date

✅Save meeting templates

Built-in communications

Built-in calendar

✅Archive session history

Settings - Audio/Video

✅Customer Service

✅Email/Live Support

✅ Speech to text

✅Change speaker while sharing

✅Change from guest to speaker

Flexible programming

Professional analysis

Unlimited number of co-hosts


Global access controls

show style

✅Whiteboard Mode

✅Live poll

Question and answer mode Call to action

✅Click on the link

✅All chat mode

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Boooooom !!!!

O-Connect Video Conferencing Just $125 Per Month and Get 10,000 Participants