O-MAIL ( Email marketing )

Organizational Communication in a hassle-free manner switch to an easy and effort-less way to communicate with your customers at your workplace.

O-NET ( Socila Media )

The social networking platform is more developed and supported by artificial intelligence

O-TRIM ( Short Cut links )

Shorten, customize and share links with ease

O-CONNECT ( Video Conferencing )

Connecting the world in an Instant! Get access to the most reliable AV Conferencing platform engineered to perfection with the best artificial intelligence Business tools.


Domain registration and Web hosting platform Give your brand the identity that will give it the lead it needs to excel

O-CREATE ( Website Builder )

It is an artificial intelligence powered website builder that makes it easy to create and develop the website you want


Improve your reach to the right audience with an ideal IP tracker Enhance your marketing and secure your site with a multi-featured tracking tool


Make learning a journey to self-discovery Let distance and age not be a limitation to your learning or teaching. Reinvent yourself with the best e-Learning Platform to learn and earn


An artificial intelligence based editing tool to turn your photos and videos into beautiful images.


Secure and encrypt your data with VPN network accounts


An internal communication tool for your office to improve business performance better and better


Simplify the complexities of your business needs with AI services via scalable CRM technology Generate trusted deals that grow your business


Simplifying the complexities of your business needs with AI Services using conversational agent for your business and an easy-to-deploy sales and service agent


Simplify the complexities of your business needs using AI with services Capture images and refine your video content A tool to personalize and enhance your visual content


An artificial intelligence powered digital mobile wallet application Give every transaction the security that you deserve with a digital wallet that specially caters to your need with our service


Announce your campaigns and notifications at a go get a one-step solution to reaching out to your customers with Bulk emails.


Automating accounting to ease your inventory management Optimize how you keep your accounts records and manage every aspect of your business with the artificial intelligence


Automate your organization’s administrative & recruitment process redefine the way you manage your resources with an intricately built artificial intelligence powered next-gen tool


It is a charitable organization to help humanity in all fields around the world

Simplifying the complexities of your business needs with AI Services

More products will be added in the future

Some of our digital products