O-Connect product, which is considered the best video conferencing product ever. Among the most important features of the O-Connect product, which are unique in their kind, are as follows

The invitation link can be sent by e-mail, SMS, or by sending the link on the social media platform

Automatic translation of languages, and the translation can be chosen in writing or by voice, as the service of copying the speaker’s voice will be available and it will be automatically converted into different languages, as if the speaker himself is translating the lecture

Audio can also be converted into writing automatically

You can link the hall directly to YouTube channels or other websites

The lecture can be recorded with an infinite space, while the Zoom company, if you want to record the meeting, will have a limited space, and if you want more space, you will have to pay additional money to the Zoom company

And if you recorded the lecture in Zoom and you want to edit it or delete a clip that you don't like, you must use programs and applications to edit the recording, and it will take you time to do so ....

Whereas, if you registered the webinar in the O-Connect product, you can directly use the product to modify the clip by adding or modifying one of the clips very easily.

A useful feature is to send files directly between the blockers without using other platforms or exiting the product for that

And there is a very wonderful feature, which is opening the mic for those attending...... This feature is available in the Zoom company to open and close the mic, but without paying attention to the time that the speaker takes, his speech may be long, and this affects the time allotted for the lecture....... while the O-Connect product It makes a timer for the speaker, where the counter works gradually counting down the time allotted to it, and when that time expires, the mic does not cut off directly..... If the mic is cut off, this will cause embarrassment to the speaker, and this is not a good thing, but with the beautiful service found in the wonderful product after the allotted time expires For the speaker, the sound will decrease gradually until it stops completely

You can press the screen capture button on the product directly and save it to your device without using screen capture programs and applications

Among the most prominent features of the product is the noise isolation feature

In the Zoom company, you must choose a suitable room or a completely quiet place to avoid external sounds such as the sounds of children or cars and others, which draw the attention of those present and prevent them from concentrating completely.

Whereas the O-Connect product, where you can give a lecture even if you are in a place where external sounds such as a cafe or even the street, and all external sounds will be isolated using artificial intelligence technology, and the product will focus on your voice to be the only one that will be heard by the attendees inside the webinar hall

The O-Connect product is the least expensive product by a very large percentage, while the Zoom company is paid by many international companies, an amount of about one hundred thousand dollars annually for the hall, which contains only twenty thousand attendees, and this is a very large amount

And with the O-Connect Sequence Minimalist, it's all-encompassing for a ballroom that has an infinite number of attendees

In the Zoom company, there is a feature to control the lecture and it is called the Co-Host, the minimum of which is 3 people, and if you want to add more, additional money must be paid to the company

But with O-Connect, you will not pay extra money to get the controllers in the discussion, such as closing and opening the mic and other services, and the number can reach a thousand people who are the controllers, or what is called the cohost.

And with the O-Connect product, you will use as many browsers as you want to open or access the webinar without using only one application, because everyone has the freedom to choose the browser they want.

And the colors of the hall can be changed to beautiful colors to make the attendees feel comfortable

And if you want to add soft music with a beautiful voice, the attendees will enjoy the webinar

The O-Connect product is considered the best and most amazing in terms of price and quality, with high-resolution technologies in sound and image, and there are more and more unique features that distinguish it from other video conferencing services, and I mentioned a few of them